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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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himself in the home after attacking his girlfriend. investigators believe this was a suicide. first up, important news if you're buying or selling a home. i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, local housing prices are starting to change and we wanted to find out if it has anything to do with the election.>> and what moves you just be considering. abc action news getting action answers for you. >> timing is just as location in real estate. right now the timing is getting better. >> price reductions are becoming more common around tampa bay. this home reduced by $127,000. so what is going on? and does it have anything to do with concern over the outcome of the presidential election
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election cycle. >> it is true, price reductions in tampa are starting to pick up. >> the house that we are in we just reduced $20,000. >> he says the reason has less to do with the election anxiety and more to do with supply and demand. the summer is over, the rush of buyers has subsided and inventory is up. >> as a seller you have to get more aggressive on price. >> this is a smart time to buy a home. >> if you're selling, if your home hasn't sold it probably is a wise move to reduce your price mainly because of the time of year. >> whether donald or hillary makes it to the white house just remember the summer is typically hot for sellers and the winter warmer for buyers. timing is everything, speaking the politics, marco
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debating tonight their first debate in orlando at the university of central florida the debate on the race for u.s. senate begins at 7:00. catch it live on abc action news on all of our apps and our facebook page. a federal judge rules county election offices should notify voters if the signature on registration forms don't match. you can fix the problem by 5:00 the night before the election. the florida democratic party sued the state because signatures did not match. voters were not told about it until after the election. the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> a little bit of rain in
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heavier downpours as the rain is trying to make its way to the gulf. this is east to west, no big surprises tonight with the forecast just a chance for a few passing showers and it could get heavy for a moment or two for the most part we are dry tonight and we will continue to see dry air settled in overnight with mixed skies until 11:00 when we will have much clearer skies temperatures falling to the mid-70s, more on the little bit. we moved to hernando county and a man found two utility trailers stolen from his business, he found them on a website they were up for sale. he found them on offer up now he started talking with the seller who was identified as this man curtis mcdonald. he admitted to stealing them and then posting them for sale.
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in his shed. an update after a bus is stolen from polk county authorities arresting converting globe this weekend. authorities tracked down the bus to highlands county, deputies also arrested these men you see in the video. we are told they were spotted on the surveillance video. the saint pete college community working why african-american men are not enrolling in college or graduating at the same rate as other groups. leaders are waiting in on the clearwater campus right now. we look at white real changes needed way before college applications are due. >> in the middle of the busy student center. he fits in but it is important that he is here. >> i am the first one in my
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information and technology. but he knows others who are not going to college. >> when there is a lack of resources and employment and money you get into petty crimes and all of that. now you have a different situation to deal with. >> st. petersburg college has seen 10 to 50% lower success rates among african-american men compared to the student body so failing out of dropping out of school. there is a format % drop in turns to community leaders to figure out why. >> a cause for concern, there is no reason for that. the fact of the matter, all of us have the same ability and capacity. it is not like there is difference in capacity.>> the impact forum addressing challenges that black men face that can stop them from and rolling in school. >> we have to wrap up the whole community around though
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as a role model. >> at as part of my goal, to inspire them to go to school and become something important. >> you can weigh in the form going on until 8:00 can i. ashley yore abc action news. in the meantime the white house says more students are graduating than ever before. the graduation rate at 83%. the fastest growth in five years. with all the students graduating high school more students will enro and universities. so what is the best major to choose? glassdoor highlights the 50 highest paying college majors. computer science comes in at number one with a base salary of $70,000. electrical mechanical chemical and industrial engineering complete the top five. florida announces an increase to the state minimum wage today. one nickel raise making a lot
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wage to be bumped up to $15 per hour. officials and community members say a bigger raise could help many in the bay area. right now minimum wage is $8.05 per hour it would roughly bump up two dollars per week and $100 per year. that won't even cover an extra gallon of gas. the increase starts in january. catching a red light runner. nobody was injured after this suv crosses fort harrison the driver comes speeding down to 70 miles per hour, if the driver came speeding through seconds earlier, this could have been a very different situation and not in a good way. traffic could be a major concern in pinellas county, construction on interstate 275
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martinez is here to tell you the areas to avoid. >> starting off in pinellas with construction you might want to be aware of especially overnight construction happening on i-275 at 118th avenue north it will be shutting down lanes in both directions in the overnight hours. we also have construction happening at the interchange with i-4 and i-75, ramp closuresap 75 this is overnight detour signs will be posted leave yourself extra time. in downtown tampa we have construction happening this involves daytime cultures as well. morgan street closed through sunday. you will want to use florida avenue this will affect drivers getting off the summit expressway. you will have to get off at the kennedy exit.
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from franklin to florida avenue. for more follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. an update on the hoboken train crash in new jersey. the terminal back open tonight and fully operational. trains entering the station will reduce their speeds to five miles per hour after the deadly train crash last month. one person was killed and more than 100 others injured. >> you're going to get thrown out.>> comedian amy schumer turning not so funny as she goes on a political rant bashing donald trump. she told people not to blue hillary clinton and many walked out. she called a local trump supporter to the stage to grill him on why he is voting for trump he said he doesn't trust
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would either be twisted turned or she was going to stop them. >> the man did not spend much longer on stage, she went on bashing trump calling him orange, sexual assaulting, fake college starting monster. coming up next, a car tumbles down an embankment and the driver still inside, the one thing wi this man to safety. county leaders trained a possible name change for uncle tom's road why that would impact the local legacy of a family. mosaic builds a device to see what it would look like
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all-new at 5:30, a possible name change in the works for this hillsboro county road, some leaders say uncle tom's road is offensive, others say brian smith is live in riverview.>> reporter: well, this sign behind me has been posted for decades. is located along us 301 as you can see it is very busy behind me in riverview. take a look i will show you the sign, people live here tell me the origins of the name are innocent and a name change would hurt a local family
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along a busy us 301 but a simple street sign is generating complex feedback. >> when you hit uncle tom you think. >> to me they need to leave it alone. >> uncle tom road holds important historical value. >> it is named after mr. murphy. this first name happened to be tom. >> we found multiple streets bearing the family name attribute for donating land i have been going up and down the road for 30 plus years. never gave it a thought. >> county commissioners are researching if the road should be renamed. uncle tom is widely considered a racial slur used against african-americans. >> if your community or people need something you are the one that would go behind their back and take it from them. >> carolyn collins with the
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needed but she does not want to see the legacy of the name stripped away. >> just call it uncle tom murphy's road just add the last name. don't make the family feel like they are losing the purchase you sharared that the family gi the property to the county. >> reporter: i have reach out to the commissioner for comment he is supporting the potential name change but i have yet to hear back from him. the county is slated to discus brian smith abc action news. >> that story is in a example of our commitment taking action to you. that means we answer the questions that keep you up and that, go to, look for the good question logo that is where you can let us know what you want us to get answers to. the highest tide of the year causing an issue for those
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drenching roads making the morning commute dangerous. in fort lauderdale parts of downtown were underwater. it did not rain, this was the tide something that happens every year, the water receding today but the king tide expected to return tonight. a live look at miami beach, plenty of people outside enjoying it. not worrying about the king tide . it looks a little windy out there. >> it does, we have the east to west flow so the east coast more likely to see rainfall lately then we have but more beautiful out there. >> i may be able to justify my pumpkin latte in the near future. >> in the very near future, fall is coming. let's talk about the heat before the cooler air arrives, the rivergate tower tampa camera sunshine and blue skies.
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today here in tampa this afternoon. well above average temperatures. take a look at titan doppler radar, not a ton of rain but the east to west flow allowing great showers to develop across the state we have a few in pinellas county, these are working in the direction of largo and the bluffs away from where they originated off the howard franklin bridge. you n area, we will see even less over the next couple of days ahead of this front rain chances going down farther. in tampa 86 degrees, clearwater 85, saint pete 86. a mix of sun and clouds for the most part across the area and the wind coming from the northeast to the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. looking like a pretty nice afternoon.
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encounter a brief shower as we continue to ring out the last few showers, look at the clear skies, when you see the shades of gray and white that is where the rain showers or the cloud cover, the green shows the rain showers and we don't have any of that overnight or early tomorrow morning. a few clouds building throughout the day but again most of the rain showers remain on the east coast of florida and they are pretty light even at 5:30 in the afternoon. what you a s wouldn't likely make it to the ground, we are looking at a really nice day ahead, sprinkles with a question mark because they are unlikely. a mixture of sun and clouds at the beaches with water temperature at 80 degrees and 87 as the high, a fabulous beach day and today we officially made it to the high of 90 degrees in tampa on average we should be 84 degrees starting the day around 68 but
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so we will continue with this above average temperature trend , you can see the highs tomorrow ranging from the upper 80s to nearly 90 degrees. again, 89 the high in clearwater. tempo, 88. over the next couple of days, low rain chances, above average temperatures until we get to the weekend this is where it established, the front pushes through friday late in the d chance for a shower but the cooler, less humid air settles in with highs in the upper 70s. grabbed the pumpkin spice latte. >> thank you. still to come a car up in flames and trapped on the embankment, the reason the
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we have got some breaking news just into the newsroom, pasco county deputies investigating two suspicious devices in hudson as you look at the map the investigation has shut down a section of hudson avenue between the fence line of hudson cemetery, this is pretty close to the regional medical center at bayonet point, the bomb squad on its way to determine if the devices are dangerous we will keep you posted. to the batteries being used in the samsung galaxy note 7, the wall street journal reporting the company tested its own products. most smart phone companies use
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after summary reports of batteries catching fire the faa ban the phones from all airplanes. a dramatic rescue from a palm bay car accident, cell phone video here of witnesses trying to help get a driver to safety, you can see the flames taking over the car as it is trapped down the embankment. [ indiscernible ] >> chaos, rescuers say they had to free the man from his seatbelt for whatever reason he was so combative and officer had to tase him and handcuff him. >> [ indiscernible ]
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safety. after that the video goes to the car you can see the car fire and smoke continuing to spread. thankfully the men will be okay. here is a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. thousand of people have fallen for this scam costing victims $23 million. now it is making a comeback. under investigation for excessive force, a bay area police officer resigns. tonight the i-team reveals what he had a problem with. tonight mosaic maps out the inside of the massive sinkhole next see what an nfl game and this complicated process have
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live from the station taking action con growing again. the mounting complaints the heartbreaking targets and a suspected scammers response. getting up close with a toxic sinkhole mosaic releasing a brand-new view of its disaster. our best idea of how deep the
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>> and i'm laura harris. 270,000 people filing complaints from false ira agents. >> the con is making a comeback striking those who can least afford it. taking care of cj allows sherry to focus on something other than the cancer and the chemo. >> it is too much. it really is. >> she never imagined things could get worse. then, she got the call. >> they answered the irs service, he gave me his name, his badge number, a case number. they said that i owed $2733 in back taxes. i am shaking on the phone


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